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26. Can taxes be discharged in bankruptcy?
27. How long is bankruptcy on your credit report?
28. Can bankruptcy stop a foreclosure/sheriff sale?
29. Does the automatic stay protection last forever?
30. How long until discharge in a Chapter 7?
31. How long until discharge in a Chapter 13?
32. How do you know if you should declare bankruptcy?
33. What is a Motion for Relief from Stay?
34. If you file Chapter 7, can you get a top credit score before the 10 years of Chapter 7 on your credit report are up?
35. Can non-married persons file a joint bankruptcy (i.e. father and son, business partners, etc)?
36. I filed bankruptcy several years ago. I can't remember the exact date. How can I check on that?
37. How long after a real estate transaction do I have to wait to file for bankruptcy?
38. What happens if, when I file bankruptcy, someone owes me money or I have a lawsuit I have filed or could file against someone else?
39. Can I get a loan to refinance my house or buy a new car when I am in Chapter 13?
40. Can I get student loans after bankruptcy?
41. Do accounts discharged by your bankruptcy come off your credit report?
42. Can a credit card company put a lien on your house?
43. Is there a way with bankruptcy to remove your name as co-signer from a loan?
44. If I file bankruptcy can I still have a debit card with my checking account?
45. I've defaulted on my car loan and the car has been repossessed and sold by the lender. I've also had a mortgage foreclosed and the property sold at sheriff sale. I owe a balance on both instances. Are the balances I owe secured or unsecured debt now, since I no longer have the property?
46. If a judgment has already been entered against me, can it still be discharged by filing a bankruptcy?
47. I filed bankruptcy and I reaffirmed the loan on my car. Since my Discharge, the car has some major problems that I cannot afford to take care of. Can I reopen my bankruptcy and have the car loan discharged even though I reaffirmed the loan?
48. Are there any age restrictions to bankruptcy?
49. Can you refinance or sell a house during foreclosure?
3. Do I lose all of my property if I file?
1. What types of bankruptcy are available?
2. What is the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13?
4. Will I have to go to court?
5. How does the process of filing bankruptcy work?
6. What types of debt may be discharged in bankruptcy?
7. How can bankruptcy hurt me?
8. How can bankruptcy help me?
9. What fees do I have to pay to file bankruptcy?
10. If I am married, does my spouse have to file too?
11. Can I run up my credit cards and then file bankruptcy?
12. What can I do to avoid ever having to file bankruptcy?
13. What alternatives are there to filing bankruptcy?
14. Will I get fired for filing bankruptcy?
15. Will my creditors stop harassing me if I file bankruptcy?
16. Do I have to use a lawyer to file bankruptcy?
17. How often can you file bankruptcy?
18. Once I realize I may need to file bankruptcy, what should I do?
19. Is the bankruptcy filing printed in the newspaper?
20. How long do I have to live in a district before I can file bankruptcy there?
21. I've heard of a "Chapter 20," what is that?
22. Do I have to have a certain amount of debt to file bankruptcy?
23. Does my filing bankruptcy protect a co-signer?
24. What is the typical debtor profile?
25. Is there anything I can do to get collection agencies to stop calling me besides filing bankruptcy?
Note: You may use a debit card to make a
payment, but under no circumstances may
you use your own credit card to make a